The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers internship and professional development opportunities with leading organisations nationally and internationally, which allow our graduate students to apply their skills in a vocational context, build their professional networks and gain deeper insights into their chosen career.

Degrees offering internship options

Internships are available as part of the following Masters by Coursework degrees:

Read about Naomi's internship

Executive Master of Arts student Naomi Burchett completed an internship with Humanities 21, Australia.

"The first days were brilliant. I expected to be really nervous, but the manager took time to explain the organisation and prepared some basic training for me. It was a bit of a slow start, but I appreciated it, because it gave me a great base to begin my project from. I was also surprised by how many of the skills I developed during my program and in my casual work assisted me in settling in."

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Read about Annie's internship

Master of Journalism student Annie Blatchford completed an internship with ArtsHub in Melbourne, Australia.

"Arriving on my first day to find the ArtsHub headquarters, located down a quintessential Melbourne CBD laneway in a converted warehouse, I was feeling a little intimidated, but mostly excited. I was introduced to the Editor and Performing Arts Writer who would my supervisors, settled into my own workspace, assigned some stories and was able to get working immediately."

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Read about Santiago's internship

Executive Master of Arts student Santiago Andrade completed an internship with the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool, England.

"For my first days in Liverpool, I had a fair dose of nerves because everything was so new to me; the country, the culture and the institution. From the start of my time at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), however, I felt welcomed and included, and was assigned my tasks and given different inductions within the different areas of the Foundation."

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Read about Lauren's internship

Executive Master of Arts student Lauren Hopley completed an internship with The Centre in North Melbourne, Australia.

"I saw an ad for the Coordinator position online and contacted The Centre directly. I had an informal chat with the Festival Director to begin with, and was subsequently called in for an interview later that week. The Festival Director and I got along well, and I liked the atmosphere and energy of the organisation. I was offered the internship that day."

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Read about Bec's internship

Master of Journalism student Bec Zajac completed an internship with the ABC's 7:30 program.

"My first day at the ABC was actually the day the "Sydney Siege" took place. Given the story was being covered nonstop by all national networks, it was incredible to witness how 7:30 worked under pressure to cover the issue in a thoughtful and nuanced way. During those first few days, as well as working on a story about the role of social media in the siege, I assisted reporters [with other interviews]."

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