Executive Master of Arts student Santiago Andrade completed an internship with the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool, England.

I completed my internship at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) in Liverpool, England. I secured my place at FACT through the Internship Coordinator for the Executive Master of Arts (EMA). We discussed my professional interest in exploring the role of the arts as a catalyzer of social change, and she immediately recommended FACT, opening the communication channels with the Foundation.

For my first days in Liverpool, I had a fair dose of nerves because everything was so new to me; the country, the culture and the institution. From the start of my time at FACT, however, I felt welcomed and included, and was assigned my tasks and given different inductions within the different areas of the Foundation.

My internship related to the area of 'Research and Innovation', and I was part of an institutional project called "Protest in the XXI century". My role was to conduct initial research on the topic, which was going to be used as the academic basis of the project. This research revealed a new perspective on how important protesting is to maintain healthy democracies. It allowed me to discover the creative ways arts and technology are applied to exercise our civil rights, and I feel I learned a lot from collaborating with experts from FACT and the Liverpool Hope University on this project. I also learned a lot from the intrasectorial meetings I attended with my boss, which gave me a good insight into how the cultural sector works in the UK, and the cooperative strategies they apply to strengthen the creative industries. It was a significant experience to learn how institutions from the public, private and civil society cooperate towards a common goal.

During my internship I had the chance to explore future projects with the Foundation. I spoke to FACT’s CEO about my interest in working in the arts sector in my country, and he encouraged me to consider collaborating with the Foundation in my future projects.

Advice for future interns

Make your internship a significant experience to your life! Always be open to learning and do not hesitate to bring up your ideas to the table, some of them are fresh approaches to old problems that can make a big difference.

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