From national internships, hands-on industry experience, and international placement opportunities, there's more to studying at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

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Executive Master of Arts

Develop the skills you need to tackle contemporary leadership challenges with the Executive Master of Arts. This world-first graduate degree draws together the practical skills needed for effective career development, and the creative and critical thinking strengths from the humanities.

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Master of Marketing Communications

Be part of the merging sectors of marketing and communication by cultivating your future as a professional. The Master of Marketing Communications arms you with disciplinary-specific knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise that gives you the adaptive capabilities to thrive in this ever-changing profession.

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Master of Global Media Communication

Gain key insights into the changing transnational contexts of media structures and communication practices in the Master of Global Media Communication. Learn vital skills in critical analysis, strategic thinking and audience research, and experience hands-on training in media writing and audio-visual production.

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Master of Public Policy and Management

Prepare yourself for a career in national and international leadership and government roles through the Master of Public Policy and Management. Benefit from hands-on experience in public, private or community sector management and gain the transferrable theoretical and practical skills you need for a mobile career.

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Master of International Relations

Learn how the United States, China, the European Union, and the United Nations operate in our global community, and acquire knowledge of key developments within international relations. Transcend theoretical perspectives by applying your expertise with an internship in an international organisation, government, business, media or NGO.

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