The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to extending opportunities for graduate study to under-represented groups, including Indigenous Australians, individuals from disadvantaged circumstances, and recipients of various Australia Award Scholarships provided by the Australian Government for international students.

Australia Awards Students

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences welcomes recipients of various Australia Award Scholarships (AAS) provided by the Australian Government for international students.

Approved fields of study for Masters by Coursework and Research programs in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences include:

Please note that not at all of these programs are approved for every country. You will need to check the country-specific eligibility criteria and priority areas for development on the Australian Government participating countries web page.

How do I apply?

You can apply for an Australia Award online through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS), available through the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Each country has individual application deadlines, so for more information please refer to Australia Awards How to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship web page.

If you receive an Australia Awards Scholarship, you can then apply through the Australia Awards Office in your home country for a graduate program in Australia. Please do not apply directly The University of Melbourne.

Student life in Melbourne was amazing. The Univeristy of Melbourne provides high technology facilities to increase students' learning experience. It has lots of social clubs that helped me to overcome feeling home sick while I was studying in Melbourne.

Ikarini, Indonesia, Master of Development Studies

The first impression I got was that the city and the university were so cozy and relaxed, perfect for studying without losing enthusiasm for creativity. The cultural diversity and understanding are also the big plus for the city, so it is not hard to find halal food for Muslims, for example, since there are lots of Indonesian students studying in Melbourne.

Muhammad Omarsyah, Indonesia, Master of International Relations

All the core subjects that I have studied have equipped me with the knowledge of how best to approach policy issues from theoretical as well as practical perspective. This will certainly help me in my profession. What I have learnt here, most importantly, is how to think through very complex issues clearly. This clarity of thought would definitely help me any where I choose to go.

Shabana, Pakistan, Master of Public Policy and Management